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World's largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, continues to command a large premium

Oasis of the Seas

 Royal Caribbean's much-ballyhooed Oasis of the Seas continues to command a large premium vs. the line's other vessels.

Wall Street's Majestic Research says in a new report the world's largest ship has been selling for roughly 41% more, on average, than the rest of the Royal Caribbean fleet for the current quarter. The least expensive interior cabins are selling for 69% more, on average.

When it first came out in December 2009, interior cabins on the 5,400-passenger vessel sold for a stratospheric 142% premium to other Royal Caribbean ships The premium for interior cabins dropped to 112% in the first quarter of 2010 and 74% in the second quarter, according to the firm.

"We expect the ship will continue to generate strong premiums throughout most of 2010, although premiums appear to be leveling off sequentially," writes Majestic Research's Matthew Jacob. Jacob says he expects Oasis will continue to have the largest premium of any of Royal Caribbean ships until the December introduction of its sister vessel, Allure of the Seas.